The aristocracy of the Duchy did not reside in Amalfi


The Pantaleoni, the Alagno, the Comite Mauro, the Comite Iane, the Augustariccio, the Viarecta, all of them resided in Atrani.

The Duchy stretched from Cetara to Positano, including Agerola, Pimonte, Lettere, Capri and the Sirenuse archipelago, but only the inhabitants of Atrani could retain their identity as “Atranesi”. All the others were generically called “Amalfitani”.

Although a very small village, Atrani was allowed to boast the title of City. Moreover twinned in Amalfi.

With modern eyes, one wonders if this was due, rather than to political issues, to the ineffable beauty of the views that only by coming to Amalfi from Atrani can they meet.